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Tax Collectors' Resources

CTx Contact List (Excel file)
Certification Committee of the Connecticut Tax Collectors

Towns and Cities in Connecticut
The Official State of Connecticut website
General Statutes of Connecticut (current to 2015, 2017)
CT Civil Forms for Civil Judgement (Bank exec, etc)
Connecticut State Library Records Retention Schedules
Connecticut Conference of Municipalities
Connecticut General Assembly
Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles
DMV Contact Information
Northeast Regional Tax Collectors and Treasurers Association
Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers
 Connecticut Commercial Recording Division
United States Secret Service
Collection of Delinquent Property Taxes in CT

Forms to Print or View

By-laws and Constitution of the CT Tax Collectors Association
  Freedom of Information Ruling - Grand Lists
 Name Tag Order Form
 CTx Membership Dues 2017
 Special Associates
 2014 Active Leasing Companies (Excel file)
M-1 Annual Report 2013-14
M-1 Penalty Waivers

Here are some documents from the 2010 CTx Spring Seminar:
Personal Property Audits
Bankruptcy & Foreclosure
Collection Basics, 1 of 2
Collection Basics, 2 of 2
Community Collectors
Tax Collecting in Hard Times
Tax Sale, 1 of 2
Tax Sale, 2 of 2
WPCA Collections

Presentations from the 2013 CTx Spring Seminar
Must have Adobe Reader and Powerpoint Viewer installed (free)
Ethics (ppt)
Performance (ppt)
Forensic Auditor (pdf)
Legislative Update (pdf)
Legislative Process (pdf)

Presentations from the 2013 CTx Fall Seminar
Public Act 13-276

Presentations from the 2014 CTx Spring Seminar
DMV Presentation (ppt)
Legislative Updates (ppt)
Getting Organized (ppt)
Workplace Dysfunction - 1 (pdf)
Workplace Dysfunction - 2 (pdf)

Presentations from the 2014 CTx Fall Seminar
Report of the 2014 Elections (ppt)

Presentations from the 2015 CTx Spring Seminar
CIVLS Updates (ppt)
Succeeding as a Supervisor (ppt)
Exercising Effective Influence and Persuasion at Work (ppt)

Presentation from the 2016 CTx Spring Seminar
Personal Property (pdf)
Mike Dugan's Presentation 5/12 (pdf)
Mike Dugan's Presentation 3/18 (pdf)

Presentation from the 2017 CTx Fall Seminar
Legislative Summary (pdf)
Legislative Summary (Powerpoint)